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You're likely confused about what you should actually be focusing on to be healthier. Maybe you've spent years jumping from diet to diet with no success. Maybe your relationship with food is now unhealthy, stressful or disordered.

We're here to show you that you don’t need to sacrifice mental health to find physical health. By forming a team with your body, you will step into an authentic life that genuinely feels good. THIS is where true health and happiness are found. 

At Wholesome Chick Nutrition, we offer you a space for healing. You and your body are on the same team. It’s time to embrace it.

Let us show you how.

CONSTANT efforts to shrink your body only land you further away from health and happiness, HAVE YOU NOTICED? 

Are you constantly fighting against your body?

It doesn't have to feel this way,
and you don't have to FIGURE IT OUT ON YOUR OWN.

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There is no wrong way to have a body.

Glenn Marla

I’m also an intuitive eater. But it wasn’t always that way! In college, I struggled with disordered eating and some pretty bad body image issues. I understand what it feels like to be trapped in a *toxic relationship* with food and body. My recovery journey not only led me to intuitive eating, but as a by-product, to the healthiest and happiest version of myself. Now as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, this is why I am so passionate about helping YOU! 

Hi, I'm Kate!

Dietitian & CEO | self-care advocate | Ben & Jerry’s fangirl

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from our clients:

- Kari P

"one of the best decisions I've ever made."

"Honestly, it was more than just a food thing with her. Sure I learned lots about how each macro benefits me, what a meal might look like, etc. but it was the inner work of body image and fatphobia and loss of control that she helped me with the most! It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I gained a recovery network, spontaneous date nights, freedom and flexibility, a new perspective and so so so much more."

"Kate creates a compassionate environment."

"Kate creates a compassionate environment where I am able to learn factual information about nutrition while exploring my own - often emotional - relationship with food and related issues. Finding the right provider is essential for this process to work, and I’m so glad I found Kate! I really appreciate her holistic approach, and I have made a great amount of progress towards a more positive relationship with food. "

- MD

- AD

"I feel safe enough to explore my own flawed relationship with food and my body."

"Talking to Kate feels like the one time in my week where I feel safe enough to explore my own flawed relationship with food and my body, which I neglected for so long. She has taught me so much, not only about nutrition itself, but also about the circuitous route to recovery, and how stepping out of my comfort zone is just as important as learning to forgive myself."

"Her work is grounded in trusting your body and showing it gratitude while prioritizing health."

"Kate is PHENOMENAL! I have learned so much from working with her. Her approach to nourishment is very sustainable and doable. She makes food fun and vibrant! She makes you feel comfortable with wherever you are on your journey. Her work is grounded in trusting your body and showing it gratitude while prioritizing health. She is kind and patient. I truly stand behind her work and would recommend her to anyone. "

- Ac

- Mary A

"I finally learned how to listen to my body and find happiness in everything I do."

"I learned that I should never restrict food from my life. It’s there to fuel me, to keep me alive and energized, and most of all, it’s there to satisfy me and make me feel good. After I understood the groundwork of food freedom, I learned how to love myself. A step that I ignored for most of my life. I'm never going back to dieting again. I’m so happy with the way I view food and myself and life now. Food doesn’t control my thoughts anymore."

- Emily L

"I feel a sense of freedom around food. "

"I have gained a better understanding of what healthy is and how to honor my body that has gotten me through the good and bad days. Since starting this program, I feel a sense of freedom around food. I’m not constantly comparing what I’m eating to others or asking myself “is it bad if I eat this?” Working with Kate has really changed my perspective and I don’t have a desire to diet again."

You Deserve To Feel at home in your body.

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