Make peace with food and learn how to nourish your body for life as an intuitive eater with this self-paced online course. 

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✿ You feel more confused than ever about how to eat and you think about food way more than you’d like. 

✿  You have so many rules around what you are “allowed” to eat, but oftentimes find yourself feeling out of control around food. 

✿  You want to be an intuitive eater but don’t know how to do that while balancing your health goals. 

We're here to help!

sound familiar?

Quiet the negative self-talk and feel at peace in your body, knowing how to navigate bad body image days

Pursue physical and mental health without restriction or obsession

Eat all foods without guilt or shame and feel confident in your food choices

Be in tune with your body’s hunger and fullness cues because you trust yourself more than a diet or meal plan


Imagine waking up in the morning and your first thought isn’t about food or weight. 

Imagine a life without dieting and food rules. 

Imagine having a relationship with food that feels peaceful instead of stressful.

This can be your future. 

Picture this:

A life of food freedom and body trust.

I have gained a different perspective on the way I look at food. I have a better understanding of what health is and how to balance my plate. I have more awareness of hunger/fullness cues and listen to what my body is telling me more. I don’t feel the same guilt/shame after eating certain foods. I am definitely kinder to myself.

I truly feel like I have gained a healthier mindset.

the reviews

✿  Struggle with overeating or emotional eating

✿ Feel overwhelmed and confused by the mixed messages you receive about nutrition and health

✿  Think about food way more than you want to

✿  Don’t feel at peace in your body

✿  Have weight concerns, negative body image, and critical self-talk


The Nourished Body Basics Course is your step-by-step guide to transform your relationship with food and your body, Become an intuitive eater and learn how to nourish your body for life. 

the course

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What's Included

Gain immediate access to 20+ video lessons jam-packed with education, tools and strategies to help you heal your relationship with food and body. Additional resources and corresponding worksheets are included to help you implement what you learn. 

Self-Paced Video Modules

Become a member of the Nourished Body Basics Facebook Community where you can engage with other course participants. This is a safe space to vent, ask questions and cheer each other on throughout your journey!


Get personalized support from Kate (dietitian and founder of Wholesome Chick Nutrition) inside the NBB Facebook Community. Receive additional accountability, education and inspiration through regular Q+A sessions and check-ins.

Virtual Support

Understand your story, your limiting beliefs and your “why” for healing your relationship with food.

Your Story

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Module One

A brief introduction to what Intuitive Eating ACTUALLY means and some common questions/fears surrounding it.

Intuitive Eating Overview and FAQ

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Module Two

Learn why diets don't work, how your brain and body respond to restriction and food rules, and how to move away from diet culture mentality.

Ditch the Diet

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Module Three

✿  Build a sustainable nutrition foundation to set the stage for Intuitive Eating.
✿  Create balanced, satisfying meals + snacks with helpful mindset shifts and strategies.

Nutrition Fundamentals

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Module Four

Heal from diet culture mentality, learn how to make all foods fit into your diet and separate food choices from self-worth.

Make Peace with Food

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Module Five

Tune into hunger and fullness cues with practical tools and connect with your body on a new level.

Listen to Your Body

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Module Six

Learn what body image is, what impacts it and how to address bad body image days.

Body Image

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Module Seven

Discover a better relationship and routine with exercise so it feels empowering instead of like a chore.

Feel-Good Movement

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Module Eight

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Lesson Breakdown

Everything you need to know


the topics

However, I have gained so much confidence and knowledge in my eating habits. I now have tools to use to help me when I am struggling.

I never really thought I would have a healthy relationship with food and my body.

the reviews

I created this course as an alternative to the traditional 1:1 counseling relationship so that you can pursue intuitive eating at your own pace, on your own schedule. This journey is designed to mirror that of a typical 1:1 client, taking you through each step in an intentional way. 

Learn more about me and my background here.

I’m Kate, registered dietitian and founder of Wholesome Chick Nutrition. 

Get to know the face behind the course:

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Food Freedom Awaits